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Buy Telegram members with PayPal

Buy Telegram members with paypal

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Nowadays, competition between Telegram channels has made channel managers more likely to buy members to make their channel more attractive than ever before.

Buy members as Force add withPaypal

Buying Forced add members and Pay with PayPal is a type of adding people to the Telegram channels, which is done by some unofficial Telegram apps, in this way people become subscribed to the channel without notice and when you enter and visit your channel They decide whether or not to stay in the channel. These types of members are the cheapest price buying with Paypal.

Buy Telegram members with PayPal - Buy Telegram members with PayPal

Buy optional members purchase with PayPal

This way, when users are using their phone, their Telegram will open and your channel will be displayed, which will include two options for subscribing or not subscribing. In this way, the initial visit will be very high (during the check-in) and at the end visit will be about 20%.

Buy Telegram members with PayPal
Buy Telegram members with PayPal

Buy Telegram offline members With Paypal

In fact, there are people who only subscribe to your channel’s rating and have no activity whatsoever and only work to raise your channel members. (In this way, the shedding will be very low and the speed will be low. Because of this cheap members, it is very suitable for increasing the initial members of your channel.

Buy Notification with Paypal

In this way your favorite text will be sent to the users account (in the top bar of Android phones) and users will click on it and enter the channel if the number is optional, according to the number of forced editing methods ( Use pop-ups or offline because this method is more advertising-friendly for the cheapest price.