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20 reviews for Telegram Fake Members

  1. pedro

    i wanna boost my telegram channel

  2. rock rigan

    i can just say it’s best i have seen ever. thank you man

  3. loui hammer

    you are best and i suggested to my all friends that has telegram channel or group for buy your services

  4. franky

    Hi Salva, appreciate for live answering on Telegram channel members condition
    and reasonable prices
    Really satisfied

  5. iyako

    best telegram real members adder, i had experience to buy boost telegram services

  6. janiyyyy

    thanks please check my website i like this promotion services

  7. Dev


  8. Aditya

    Good work best price

  9. Jeff

    Great, buy from this! Good following!!

  10. appu

    Sets an example for subordinates in following departmental and university policy and procedures, thanks

  11. Shravan madhamshetty

    I have never seen this kind of site the best site for buying telegram members just loved it..

  12. JD

    It helped my channel grow fast

  13. jijay

    I suggest to all Telegram channel admins, buy Telegram members
    This website is most trust able website
    to purchase Telegram services

  14. alexy binisto

    ouchin xarashow
    very good service

  15. Mikael kolovin

    new fresh members revived
    thank u Salvanik

  16. Raol singh

    Hi Salvanik, appreciate for adding members and online answering
    if I buy Telegram channel members what is condition
    and reasonable prices?
    Really satisfied

  17. bozorg ganavah

    I am satisfied
    added 2k members to my channel: @bozorg_ganavah
    Will come bck to buy 5k more
    thank you

  18. gemo

    I recived 5k members for my channel:
    my ok is for Salvanik

  19. fansavi

    I got more than 10k offline members:
    How to get Targted members?
    I am ready to buy 1k investor members for 200$

  20. Farhan

    Thank you for the fast communication, Salva! This was a quick shopping with outstanding results:)

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