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What is Telegram Secret Chat and How to use it?

What is Telegram Secret Chat

What is a secret chat on Telegram conversation?

Telegram secret chat creates a chat window that is much more secure than regular Telegram chat. So we use chatroulette when we need to have a ultra-secure conversation. There are some of the key features of Telegram conversations that differentiate this style of conversation from regular telegram conversations.

What is Telegram Secret Chat
What is Telegram Secret Chat

End to End Encryption
Whole encryption means that all your messages are transmitted with specific codes that only the receiving and sending devices can use and identify. In this way no other person or tool can access the messages exchanged between two devices under global encryption. Even the Telegram servers themselves do not understand the nature of the messages being transmitted, and it is not possible for users to see the message. Therefore, encryption throughout will result in your messages being transmitted in the safest way possible and not audible at all.

This chat feature enables the user to set up automatic crash mode for their messages and secret Telegram chat. For example, you can optimize the secret Telegram settings so that they disappear automatically after 1 minute. The settings for the Self-Destruct mode apply simultaneously to the destination device and the source.

Failure to sync with other devices interacting with your account
Another interesting feature of Secret Chat of Telegram conversation is its failure to sync with other devices interacting with the user account. This means that if you create a chat secret from your phone, the chat will not appear on the Telegram desktop where your account is active.