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Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin

Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin Cash

You can Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin in Salvanik website, purchase of Telegram members through Bitcoin is the best way that people who needs subscribers for Telegram channel and group. use the benefits of Bitcoin payment for increasing members of your channel.

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Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin

You can advertise on big channels to get online and target audience for your channel, but the drawbacks are that depending on your channel’s subject matter, it may be a different matter than member’s topics, but in specialized topics there will also be people looking for that topic.

Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin - Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin

In the case of Bitcoin purchase for buying members for Telegram channel & group, the audience or the same number may fall from 2% to 5% which will be compensated by Salva.

Buy real Telegram members with Bitcoin

Real Telegram members or online members, as its name implies, is largely realistic and would be the same as the inviting of real people to Telegram accounts. You can buy subscribers for Telegram channels.

In fact, this type of members will have activity in visiting posts or becoming a customer. In the end, these members are suitable for increasing numbers real members. They have the least loss You can add them to your channel for a lower price.

Buy Telegram members with Bitcoin
Buy Telegram members with BTC

Buy members for Telegram Group with Bitcoin

You can also buy group members of Telegram with Bitcoin, you can also increase group members with photos and names that are real accounts, they will affect your group, and these members are suitable for groups that They have a large number of members and want to increase their number simply because of the higher number and validity of the group, these members will leave message in the group and will affect on your group process.

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Buy channel post views with Bitcoin

As you know, posts that don’t have a Like and Comment on the Telegram channel unless you want to add them yourself, and will mostly be marked with a single or similar view of how many posts the viewer has in case you have a members. The post view that you have purchased with Bitcoin may effect on your channel, so you can increase the number of channel posts views and just pay Bitcoin, you see by purchasing Bitcoin for the last 5 to 20 posts. That’s right.