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Buy Telegram members ICO

Buy Telegram members ICO

Buying Telegram members ICO is always a requirement for Telegram ICO channels. That’s why today we are going to explain to you who want to Buy Telegram members ICO channel and how to buy a members, what kind of members is good for ICO Channel, and what quality members are.

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How to buy Telegram members
How to buy Telegram members

 A lot of ICO customers call when they ask if we want to buy members for ICO channels,How are we going to buy the ICO members? Many of their friends are masters in this field and know how to attract ICO members to their channels.

Many people do not know how to do this. In this article we are going to give you a complete guide here to make it very easy to buy your own Telegram channels by reading this article.

How to buy Telegram members ICO?
Note that it is very easy to explain to you what ICO members is and how it works and what works for your channel. A fey ICO members consists of a series of unreal numbers called virtual numbers by The Telegram software turns into a Telegram. In fact, it looks like a real person has created and entered the Telegram. The difference with real people is that these numbers are only created for the first time in the Telegram and so on. There will be no activity in them.

Real ICO Telegram members will be added to your channel or your group by the ICO Telegram software, which are called X2IC and will visit your posts or send any message to the ICO group.

We call it ICO targeted members. The point here is that when you add ICO to your channel, they will remain in your channel for a period of time between approximately 2 days, after which the said time if they were interested will stay in your channel. But may they Exit from your Telegram channel if your content note be interesting for them.

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The ICO members is actually created in this way and enters the channel and stay the channel after a stated time. As for the actual members.