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Buying Channel Members for Telegram

Buy Channel Members for Telegram

Important facts about “Buying Channel members for Telegram”:
The actual members for the Telegram channel is available through the “Salva” website service & shop. Some Members are online and some are offline.

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Due to Buying Channel Members for Telegram, the fact that the Members are real, it is not possible to disrupt the channel order and after adding you need to have more control over your channel.

About 50% to 90% of channel members will effect on your business.
 Be sure to Buying Channel Members for Telegram from Salva.

Adding 1k members can be done in 2 hours.

Important Note: to buy real members, we only need your channel link, while the order is being processed, don’t change the link of your channel.

  Important tips in Buying Channel members for Telegram Channel:
All added accounts have name and profile photo.
Very low loss! About 4-5%!
Note that the actual Member of Telegram channel can be up to 300k not more.
Order time 2 to 4 hours.

Buying Channel Members for Telegram
Buying Channel Members for Telegram

Increase real Telegram channel member through popup

What is Popup telegram member adding?

This way, when users are using their phones, their Telegram app will open and your channel will be displayed and if they are interested they will subscribe to the channel (lots of requests are sent until the number is purchased Be absorbed by the channel and then sending will stop.

Are buying members real?

Yes, members are completely real, global, internationally and they will be part of your channel! One of the good ways to increase the real number of members is the pop-up members.

How to buy real Telegram members for my channel?
This way is very high effective when ordering real members(many people see the channel) after you send a new post on your channel it will be seen.

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How to know Telegram will not block me?

Surely, real members have the power to decide whether to stay or exit the channel if they are not satisfied with the content of the channel they will leave and Telegram never will block your channel.

How long does it take to add the members?
After completing the form and submitting, your order will be reviewed by us and will be delivered as soon as possible (1 to 2 hours).

  We do not provide services for unethical channels and illegal matters.
Dear Customer If you are unable to pay online, contact support and request payment details!