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Free advertise Telegram Groups


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Telegram groups for free advertise

All Free advertise Telegram Groups, all Kind of Ads is allowed (No limit).

Telegram groups for free advertise

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• proclamation
• promotion
• promulgation
• squib
• throwaway
• classified ad
• want ad

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Telegram Ads in Groups VS Channels

Telegram advertising can be done through groups or channels. The choice depends on your goals. If you want to build an audience that would follow your posts and drive traffic to the website, choose a channel.

If you want to provide support, talk with your members, get instant feedback, then go with the groups. Super groups have an option to have pinned posts, however it will not bring the exposure that is similar to the channel.

Sometimes it might be wise to setup both, use the group for the communication with your audience and drive members to the channel with will be used for announcements, blog posts and Telegram advertising.

Channels have better capabilities for reach out, therefore let’s discover their capabilities.

Telegram Channels are perfect for marketing

One of the most powerful marketing tools on Telegram are channels. They are perfect for broadcasting your news or promotions. Main advantage of channels is push notifications for every new post and unlike groups, unlimited subscribers amount.

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It makes them similar to email list, just with a better engagement rate.
You can use your channel in many different ways.

  • News about the product
  • Promotion announcements
  • Coupon promotion
  • Gathering feedback through voting
  • Engaging and building trust

Instead of promoting your product page directly, consider growing your own telegram channel and advertise the product through it. It is free to reach your audience.

In comparison, with facebook page you might expect your posts to show up organically in the news feed to 3-5% of your audience. While channel posts have 100% exposure in the app along with the push notification.


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