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How to increase Telegram members?

How to increase telegram members?

Increasing members of the Telegram channel is the main concern of channel admins on this network. In this post we will teach you the most effective ways to increase your Telegram channel members.

The methods outlined in this article to increase members of the Telegram channel are all quite standard, effective and practical. So instead of thinking about the shortcuts and the unusual ways, it is best to accompany us to the end.

The channel’s owner and creator, as the chief executive, can add up to five bilateral contacts at the start of the channel, namely the contacts who have their number and who also have his number. This action has been given to the channel maker to start the channel and start channel activity as a suitable stimulus from the telegram to accelerate the channel growth task. But the big problem with this method is that subscribers are uninformed and unsatisfied, which can make them uncomfortable leaving the channel.

How to add targeted Telegram members?

Initially, only 200 Mutual members can add to the channel. It is possible to add more lists or contacts by Salvanik.
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Providing and producing relevant and valuable content on the Telegram channel

The best way to reach an audience for your channel is to generate valuable content so that your current channel audience is able to resubmit it to other groups in which they are members, and members in those groups will see the content shared by your channel and like subscribing to it. Encourage your channel. For this purpose, the following recommendations can be helpful:

Choose the appropriate logo image and description for your channel.
At the end of each post (text or image) you publish on the channel, include the channel ID or its address so that the channel link will also be sent if the channel posts are forwarded elsewhere.

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If you are a member of a group, post the content of your channel in the groups below with the link below to be shared by the group members. This is one of the most effective ways. Of course, remember to include a photo, image, and invitation link in your channel promotion.

Choose the right subject and purpose for the telegram channel

First, set your goal of building a channel, and don’t change the channel’s theme or theme after a while, and try to publish content related to the channel’s name and history to avoid losing members. For example, if the channel that comes up with the name and description of a science channel is humorous or political, some members may dislike it and leave the channel.

The subject of the channel itself also plays a key role in its future. For example, entertainment channels that contain humorous content are more successful in attracting members than commercial, scientific, and so on.

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Many friends ask me, for example, how to enter a number list (like Excel, text, etc.) into a channel member, for example? Or, for example, how can we add more than 200 people to the channel? And questions like this. We should let all friends who have these questions know that only 200 of Mutual contacts can be added to the channel. It’s not possible to add more list numbers or contacts to the manager at this time, and maybe add in later versions of the telegram such capabilities that I think is far from waiting.

1- Presentation and production of relevant and valuable content

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I have to admit that the best way to attract the audience to the content channel is to make the content of the channel more likely to reshape it in the other groups in which they are members, and the members of those groups see the contents of your channel and liked it. It is encouraged to join your channel. For this purpose, the following recommendations may be helpful:

Select the logo image and description for your channel.
At the end of every post (text or image) that you post on the channel, put the channel id or URL (link) on it, so if channel posts are forwarded by members again, the channel link is also sent.

If you are in groups, you publish the content of your channel with its link below in the groups to get the hands of the members of the groups. This is one of the most effective ways. Remember, be sure to use the photo, image, and invitation link in the channel ad.

2- Choosing the right subject and goal

First, set the goal of making the channel, and do not change the link and subject of the channel after a while. Try to publish content related to the channel’s name and history to prevent members from falling. For example, if in a channel with a name and description of a scientific channel a comic or political message might be sent, some members may not like this and leave the channel.

Also, the channel theme itself plays a key role in its future. For example, entertainment channels featuring humorous content are better than commercial, scientific, and … channels in attracting members.

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3- Perform link exchange with other channels, especially high-end channels

Another way that can help your channel members grow very fast is to advertise on the channels of the audience in your own telegram, which is done in two ways: advertisement and money advertising.

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In the cross-promotion method (also known as the Link Exchange), you can agree with another channel manager that you advertise your channel on your channel and instead advertise your channel on your channel. . What you see on many channels these days. Of course, channels usually share the same number of members.

Another important point is that link exchanges are attractive in an elementary period, but excessive use of it results in poor channel quality and the reason for leaving the channel by members. Try to do it twice or one day.

In the second method, which is dedicated to channels with members of over 100,000 people, channel managers will receive money to advertise your channel on their channel.

4- Channel advertising in other media

One of the more effective ways to increase the members of the channel is to publish the information and the URL of the channel on the Internet. To do this, you can share your channel information by searching Google and finding websites that share the list of channels in the telegram, for example by posting a comment (comment) and…

Also, other social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Line, etc. can also be useful.

5- Keep the member more important than attracting a new member

One of the most important ways to increase the channel’s channel members is to keep them on the channel. That is, you should be able to create a gravity channel that if a new member is entered into the channel, stay tuned to the channel. In all channels, there is always a member of the organ, but in many cases there is a loss of members, which is not seen as a growth in the number of members, but a decrease in the number of members to be palpable.

6. Continuous team work

The Telegram Channel has the ability to select multiple administrators, if you know the trusted people, they will be admins to help you publish your channel content. By producing higher quality content, the likelihood of their release in other categories and the attraction of the member will increase. Of course, try not to be the channel administrators because you may be crawling on the roof and generating a lot of content from members due to the lack of time to check all of them to leave the channel.

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Otherwise, if a channel has several administrators, you should always have an online manager under an existing program. Interact with your managers so you can publish better and more valuable content.

And a few other important points

Try to be a public channel type, each user can have 4 public channels. Public channels are displayed in users’ search results, and this can be one way of attracting members.

As far as possible, try to shorten the channel link so that users can easily remember it and have trouble typing it. However, due to the large number of channels, the selection of the appropriate ID is now difficult.

Repeating the content will diminish the charm of the channel. So do not post duplicate content.

Publish content based on a specified timeline. It’s not like publishing 100 articles in one hour and publishing nothing else on the rest of the day. Also, try not to post anything in your telegram from 12:00 to 9:00. If you do this, you can exclude users from the channel. It will go up a lot.


All of the above is the right way to increase the number of members of the telegram channel. However, the best way to increase members of the channel is to generate valuable content, and having a bit of patience and persistence in generating your content will keep the day fast. Will be more.

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