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5 ways to increase Telegram members

5 ways to increase Telegram members

Here’s a big question.
The question is why your telegram channel is not as successful as it should be؟
Why isn’t it booming like the big Telegram channels?
What are these great Telegram channels doing that are so successful?
What method do they use to increase their members?
What is the solution and trick that you are not aware of?

In this article, I want to answer your question. The answer to the question of what are the free or low-cost ways to attract real and active Telegram members.

This article is going to take you step by step to build a successful Telegram channel and teach you how to attract a lot of real and active members! Members who love your channel and are active in it. So if you are looking for the right training to increase your Telegram channel members, you have come to the right place.

Here are five basic steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Five Techniques and Methods To make sure your Telegram channel is a success.

Five easy-to-use methods to increase Telegram members

1. Define a Telegram strategy for yourself

Increasing Telegram members is a gradual process. Of course, there are ways to add a few thousand members overnight (for example, buying Telegram members), buying Telegram members does help your Telegram, but its not enough.

Basically, the right way to do everything takes time and energy, but instead it brings you to the desired and safe results.
To increase your Telegram members, you first need a strategy.
Strategy is designing a path that takes you from the current point to the desired point.

Specify your purpose for increasing Telegram channel members

Having a clear goal is the most important part of designing a good strategy to increase Telegram members.
Think about your business vision (or field of activity) to set a goal.
Think about “Where is your favorite place in the next year”?
How many members would you like your channel to have in its most desirable state?
How much do they interact on your channel?
What is the status of post views?

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If you know the answers to these questions, its very good, but if you have no idea about the above questions, your main problem is in the goal setting, so first define your goal and then design the right strategy.

2.Have a workable action plan for Telegram channel

Now that the goal is clear, think of an actionable plan that can get you where you want to go.

You’re probably asking, “On what basis should I write a program?”
Don’t worry at all, the following tips will answer your question.

Knowing the audience: You need to know who they are (or want to be). It’s a good idea to get to know your audience well in terms of age, gender, geographical location, interests, and so on.
By getting to know your audience, predicting and analyzing their behaviors and reactions more accurately, you can have a more purposeful action plan.
In addition, you should constantly try to find people who are potentially interested in your channel.

Competitor Analysis: One of the things that helps you design a practical program is to carefully review and analyze competitors’ channels.
You can measure their strengths and weaknesses, which channels have the most members?
Which posts are the most visited?

By doing a thorough review of competitor’s channels, you will gain a valuable treasure trove of other people’s experiences that will protect you from potential competitors’ mistakes.

Get to know your identity and values: Another key to designing the right strategy is to think about your brand.

Create a Brand on Telegram

You definitely have an idea behind your brand. For example, a company’s slogan is “Be transparent, be different” and you will see this slogan everywhere in the company’s website and in all the content it has published.
Audiences know that company by the same token.

Introduce your Telegram channel to your audience in ways that help

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If all the posts on your Telegram channel have a specific theme while being different, your Telegram channel will be more attractive.
This is very effective in attracting new members. Having a logo makes you look more professional.

Your brand motto will show that you are determined, have a goal and come to stay.

Create a special hashtag for yourself, a hashtag that is specific to you and represents your business.
This will help you stay in the audience’s mind.

3.Post regularly and at the right time

We said above that you should have a telegram strategy.
Posting on a daily basis will keep you in the spotlight. In fact, you are showing your users that your business is active and alive, and that your channel members are more likely to respond.
In addition, new members will be shown to older members of your channel, and this cycle will make you more visible.

Try posting at different times and check the result. You need to know your audience and their needs and behaviors.
This makes your narrative style more engaging with your knowledge of your content and your audience.

Take a look at the Telegram statistics

Analyze them and use them according to your field of activity.
For example, according to Telegram research, 8 am and 5 pm are the best times to post in Telegram. According to the study, fewer posts are posted at this time, and more people are visiting posts, subscribing to new channels, or reviewing news.

4.Publish useful and attractive content on your Telegram channel

Telegram is an information platform.
Think about what makes a user who is scrolling up and down posts on the Telegram channel stop for your article?

If you are posting for your channel, try to learn and use essay writing techniques.
There are many things you can learn to improve the quality of your content. For example, did you know that photos with blue objects are 24% more visible? Or shorter texts are more popular.

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Be creative in taking photos

Use photo editing software and add interesting visual effects to your photos.
Try to connect the posts to make a coherent narrative.
This will encourage people to view the rest of your photos.
Try to make your brand or business have a unique style of work to be known for.
For example, a company’s Telegram page publishes some very interesting posts. In all the posts, an attempt has been made to focus the company’s products and services in a creative way.

5.Write attractive captions

Write your post caption in a way that catches the audience’s attention, makes it easy to read, and encourages the audience to interact. To do this, you must first look at the content of your post and write about it.

I recommend reading the article “How to Write an Attractive Telegram Caption” which is in the tutorial section of our website. Here is a summary of the most important points in writing a caption.

Write concisely and usefully: Long and irrelevant writing will tire your audience. A complementary caption for your photo.
Let the photo speak to the audience!

Don’t forget to be practical: Don’t forget the main purpose of the post.
For example, if you introduce a product of your brand in a photo, it is necessary to provide enough information about the product or how to buy (or discount!).

Be creative and humorous: We all remember a lot of creative advertising that we may not have even consumed in the brand’s product, but because of the creativity that was used to introduce that product, we remember that ad. You don’t always have to speak to your audience in a formal tone. Humor can make your Telegram channel members love you.

Ask questions: Consulting members is the best way to interact with your audience. Ask questions about the client’s strengths and weaknesses, the needs and requests of the audience, and anything else that comes to mind, and read the answers carefully.

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Tell the story: Storytelling is one of the oldest hobbies in the world, which has been able to find its own form in Telegram. With storytelling, you can better explain your channel to members. For example, you can narrate the production of one of your products in the form of a story in the form of a few posts from zero to one hundred.

Follow the basics of the platform: Follow tips such as using more important words at the beginning of the caption and using hashtags correctly. In this case, read the Telegram Tricks article that everyone should know.

Use a hashtag
The hashtag helps make your post more visible. But a hashtag is effective when it comes to the content you publish. An unrelated hashtag is a type of spam. A good hashtag, on the other hand, can lead to the launch of a campaign or movement.

It’s a big mistake to get a better result if we fill the post with hashtags. Even if your post has a lot of hashtags, they will still work.

Let me remind you, create a hashtag of your own, this will make it easier for you to stay in the audience’s mind and let everyone know about your message.

A good example of this is a brand of women’s health products that has done an interesting job of using hashtags. The idea was based on a scientific theory that girls develop a lack of self-confidence during puberty. So he created the hashtag LikeAGirl # and asked women to use this hashtag in any area where they succeeded. The result was that in two months, it received 76 million views worldwide.

Interact with your users in different ways
We read a lot and hear that the way to grow in Telegram in general is interaction. This word is used so much that we recommend that we simply explain it to ourselves once and for all. What do you mean when we say post to increase user engagement?

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An user’s interaction with your post means that he or she likes the post, is curious about it, and somehow wants to convey that feeling with a reaction. So your content should be able to make sense to the audience in the first place.

The following tips can help you interact more with your Telegram channel members.

Ask questions: Asking questions usually attracts people’s attention, especially if they know the answer. Even when the question is asked under one post, some users go to other posts to find the answer.

Call to Action: This means that you are asking your channel members to do something. Of course, you have to motivate them enough. For example, if you tag a friend, you will get a discount code.

Share posts: Use UGC or content created by members. This will motivate your members to compete with you and participate in the conversations you start, as they can hope that their post will be posted on your page.

Be social: Stay in touch with your competitors. People who work with you can help you become better known. Go to the channel of these people, become a member of their channel and see their posts.