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How to Buy Telegram accounts

Buy Telegram accounts

In this article, we are going to tell you how to buy Telegram accounts for a Telegram channel.

First, we explain the ways and means of buying Telegram accounts.

And then we will examine the disadvantages and advantages of purchasing Telegram accounts for the your channel.

Well, first of all, we would like to look at why we should buy Telegram accounts.

Today, on social networks, the number of accounts seem to be a credit, that means, we have a popular social network.
The number of accounts is the degree of our credit.

Well, now we have to know if we want to buy accounts for our Telegram channel, why buy it and where to buy it, and make sure we buy secured.

So we can dare to say that the purchase of a Telegram accounts is an essential part of our business on Telegram, which will make a lot of accounts to us and attract more new people into our Telegram channel.

Benefits of buying a Telegram accounts

Increasing the number of Telegram channel accounts
Sell ​​more on the channel of the Telegram
Attract more accounts
Less activity to attract accounts
Less time spend to get accounts
Lower costs to attract more accounts

Disadvantages of buying Telegram accounts

Absolute unrealistic accounts
Fake accounts on the channels
Get out of the unrealistic accounts after a while from the Telegram channel
If add many unrealistic accounts, may it cause of going out new accounts.

The reasons for this is because the Telegram identifies unrealistic accounts from the real accounts after a while.

How to buy Telegram accounts?

Prices and tariffs for the accounts of Telegram are vary and there are different prices.

You must first purchase from a website that has a safe payment port and also PayPal & Bitcoin payment method.

A website that has good support and will respond whenever you get into trouble.

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The website can sell the accounts of the Telegram in the reasonable price.

According to the poll, prices on different sites are different.

We are here to list prices for different Telegram services.

Price List
1k Telegram offline (inactive) accounts 5$
1k Telegram online (Active) accounts 50$
1k Telegram targeted accounts (scrap from a group) 75$
Advertise on two big channels “with 10k -50K accounts” 35$
10k post visits (real post sharing) 12$
1k poll votes (real, permanent votes) 80$

Payment methods: BTC, ETH, PayPal, PerfectMoney

According to the price list, you can choose the service you want and buy Telegram accounts.

In general, I can say that by buying Telegram accounts you can get closer to your rivals soon and compete in the world of virtual networks.

Please pay attention to the following points before to buy Telegram accounts:
1. Be sure to enter the required specifications at the time of purchase, without any errors. In case of any problem, the buyer will be responsible for it.

2. The possibility to decreasing the accounts will occur after the passing some time, and the we don’t have any obligation to change the Telegram’s terms.