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Tutorial Add post views on the Telegram posts

Tutorial Add post views on the Telegram posts

The Telegram still surprises its users,the we offer you Tutorial Add post views on the Telegram posts, yes the possibility of adding posts views on Telegram channels has been added, and this is good news for Telegram managers who can keep their relationship closer and closer to their users.

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Of course, this has advantages as well, but in our view the advantages of posts views on Telegram channels are more than their disadvantages.

You can buy post views for your Telegram channel

At First ask Salva to buy posts views. @salva_tours

Follow along with Salva to teach you how to enable posts views on the Telegram channel.

You should first create the a channel on your Telegram channel, of course, keep in mind that your channel must be public, and if you do not know how to make your channel public, you can use the tutorial article we’ve already prepared to make your channel public.

How to manage the a channel on Telegram?

It may seem strange to you to create a channel on the first step, but it is very simple and of course I have to say that the posts views is provided by the Telegram itself and there will be no security issues with your channel, but okay It’s up to you to decide whether to create a channel on Telegram.

Finally, if you decide to creat a channel, you should do the following:

Enter the channel settings
Click the Edit section or Edit
Look for the Administrator section
Select the Add Admin or Add Admin option
In the search box, type the name of your admin to be add.
Finally, administer of the channel with the necessary access
After the steps above you will see that if you add a new post to the channel a posts views will be added below your posts and even if the user scrolls that post elsewhere, it will not be deleted.

If someone wants to posts views for the first time, the admin will get access to it by endorsing it to a web page that has a posts views and users can see the posts, and it also has an interesting feature. And those who get more likes will top the list.

If you have problems with any of the sections, feel free to comment in the comments section of this post. We’ll also be happy to comment with you and other users on the Telegram channels. is it good?
Have users been able to posts views?

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Buy Telegram Post Views

Buy Telegram Post Views

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