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Buy Telegram accounts

Buy Telegram accounts

Buy Telegram accounts and virtual numbers
Telegram is a cloud-based open source messenger that has been able to attract many users with its options and charm, reaching over 200 million active users in three years.

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Create an Account at Telegram

As you know in order to build a Telegram Account an account that does not have specific restrictions and able to subscribing to groups and channels, you need a number to get a verification code, Also many people do not like to sign up with their original number, They may want to have multiple accounts or even some people need multiple accounts to grow their Telegram group and channel, but there is only one way to solve this problem.

Create a Telegram with a virtual account number

The best way to quickly build a Telegram account is to use a virtual number that is currently only available in nine countries.

Buy Telegram accounts
Buy Telegram accounts

The important thing to know is that all free virtual numbers are unsafe and dangerous. Because these sites give a number to many people, and when you are talking to your friend, may another person suddenly gets into your account.

Buying a Virtual account without limits

The best way to solve this problem is to purchase a dedicated Telegram virtual number, which, fortunately, Salva has made it possible for you to have your own virtual account.

Price of virtual Telegram account numbers

Dear Users, We have prepared a complete table of all the countries where you can obtain a virtual Telegram number. Among them are virtual numbers from the Russia and France.

Note: All of these numbers are completely proprietary, secure.

Each Virtual Number costs 25$

Russia +7
Ukraine +380
Philippines +63
Romania +40
Brazil +55
France +33
China +86
Paraguay +595
Netherlands +31
Poland +48
Argentina +54
UK +44