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Restore deleted Telegram messages

Restore deleted Telegram messages

How to restore deleted Telegram messages
Error deleting your Telegram conversations? In this article we will teach you how to restore Telegram messages, chats, and photos.

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Is it possible to restore Telegram messages such as chats and deleted photos?

Telegram is one of the popular messaging apps that has many users. Use it to send messages, photos, videos and files (ZIP and RAR). But sometimes you may accidentally delete chat or Telegram messages or lose them for another reason.
When this happens unexpectedly, you will realize how difficult is to restore deleted Telegram messages, as the Telegram does not provide you with a solution to restore your conversation information. But that doesn’t mean Telegram data restore is impossible. On this page, we have outlined 3 possible ways to restore deleted messages and photos in the Telegram application. You can read this to learn the solutions in detail.

Recover deleted telegram pictures

1. Restore deleted photos from the images folder.
The first, and in fact, easiest way to restore deleted Telegram photos is to find them in the “Telegram Images” folder. When you receive a photo on the Telegram, that photo enters the “Telegram images” folder on your phone’s memory card or internal storage. These images will not be deleted from the folder even if you delete them directly from the Telegram chat.

2. Recover deleted Telegram photos from the cache folder.
The second way is to restore deleted Telegram chats from the cache folder, where all messages, images, videos, and other files in the deleted conversations are stored.

To do this, on your phone’s external SD card, follow these steps: “Android” folder> “Data” folder> “ ” folder> “Cache” folder. Open it and then you can find all the deleted images from your conversations there.

3. Recover deleted files using Android Data Recovery Software.
If you would like to restore deleted files of other type such as text messages, contact information, documents, images, video files, etc. on your Android device, we recommend you try EaseUS Android Data Recovery Software. You can download a free trial to scan your deleted files. And if you’re sure you can recover the files you want, you can purchase a license code to recover them. Otherwise, you don’t need to pay for it. Please note that this software is not available to restore Telegram information.

Step 1. Connect your Android device to your computer, launch EaseUS Android Data Recovery Software, and then click the “Get Started” button to identify and connect to your device software.

Note: Since this software can only access the rooted Android device, you need to make sure your phone or tablet is rooted before retrieving data.

Step 2. After connecting to your Android device, the software quickly scans the device to find all the lost information. You can easily find the files you want by selecting the correct file type.

Step 3. Take a look and select the files you want, and then press the “recover” button to retrieve and save them to your computer. Here only the “Deleted Items Displayed” option is only for listing deleted files.