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Purchase Telegram members

Purchase Telegram members

Is there a discount on Purchase Telegram members?
Yes. You can enjoy significant discounts with the Salva service. Simply contact with Salva and request a discounted Telegram members paid service.

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Can I use support to Purchase Telegram members?

Yes, our Telegram supporters are at your service 24 hours a day to ask any questions you may have about Purchase Telegram members and to guide you. So don’t hesitate and contact Salva right now and get free advice from our Telegram consultants.

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How do I trust and purchase Telegram members?

To trust to our service, you can contact Salva and get the confidence you need. Feel free to contact us.

We suggest you read the article on the Easy Ways to Purchase Telegram members.

How to purchase Telegram members?

One of the dangers about Purchase Telegram members is to fall into the trap of the marketers. Because the Telegram allows its users to subscribe by virtual numbers, a good market has been formed for some of these beneficiaries. Nowadays there are many programs at the market level that encourage you to attract a Telegram members and offer you solutions. These are, of course, fake one and only will get your money. And after a while you’ll notice that your account will blocked from their side.

Purchase Telegram member - Purchase Telegram members
Purchase Telegram members

Using fake websites and robots and intermediaries is not a good way to Purchase Telegram members. People who do this usually have to worry about increasing their channel visits after a while. You didn’t fall into the trap of scammers.

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How To Add Unlimited Members in Telegram Channel 2019


How to add unlimited members in telegram channel

How to add unlimited members to the channels of the Telegram, with the cheapest budget.

Each thousand (1K) members only for $ 5.
But if your purchase goes up, the price will drop.
For example
The cost of adding 100,000 is $ 450, plus 15,000 more members.

Just contact me: M. Naja @salva_tours

Ask me on Telegram
Ask me on Telegram

Just contact me:
M. Naja

All members are real & Members are from 15 countries.
They enter your channel, if they would like to stay, or they would go out if they do not like your Channel field and your Telegram posts.
Usually, half of the members will stay at your Telegram channel.
Our members are not fake, They are not robots.
All our members are quite real.

One of the reasons people use Telegrams is Telegram’s functional features, with which you can discover and use Telegram capabilities.

In this article, we will train you to add unlimited members to your Telegram channels. Come along with me.

Steps to add unlimited number of members to the channels of the Telegram.

Login to your channel first.

Note: The administrator must do this, after you have logged in to your channel management section, create a channel Joinchat link.

pay attention :
To create a channel Joinchat link, you must first change the Status of the channel to “Private”.

After making the link to join the channel, copy it, then change the status of the channel to the public.
Send the channel membership link to me on the telegram.
I’m in the telegram here:

After paying the amount, members will be added to your channel by your money size
You can add even unlimited and based on your request

We can create a lot of views for your posts.
We can add an unlimited follower to your Instagram page too.

Just contact me: M. Naja Telegram ID: @salva_tours