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Telegram channels with most members

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Advertising on the most reputable Telegram channels is most effective way to promote your business on Telegram.

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We suggest you advertise on Telegram channels with most members. There are three reasons for this proposal.
One is that they are usually more targeted, the second is because of their high quality, and the bottom line is that your ads will remain on these telegram channels for some time.Advertising on Telegram channels with most members

But what can we do?
We have a large selection of Telegram channels with most members to help you choose the best and launch a good Telegram campaign.

Advertising tariffs on major channels

The cost of advertising on Telegram channels with most members differs. This price is determined by the quality, topic and number of channel members. Each channel may also offer different advertising campaigns. For detailed information on tariffs and plans, just contact Salvanik.

Telegram link exchange - Telegram channels with most members

Telegram channels

Free methods of increasing the membrane and the actual member of the telegram channel
Creating a channel in the telegram is a very simple task, and it’s not hard to fill out the content of the channel, and everyone takes it. The difficult task here begins with how to increase our members of channels? You should know that when you create your own channel and do not have any members, the telegram allows you to add the first 200 people in your channel with the numbers you have in the conversation. The methods of increasing the Mumbai and the real and Iranian members of the Telegram channel are simple, many of which are free.

Real Members that You can test

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Telegram channels with more members

It must be admitted that after creating a telegram channel, the first and most important concern of channel managers is to increase the number of members and their true channel membranes. Needless to say, the more number of members of a telegram channel is, the higher its channel’s credibility and success, and is more welcomed by its users. For example, consider a commercial channel, such as product sales. As the number of members of this channel is higher, the sales and marketing activities for the manager of this channel are certainly easier and less expensive and certainly more sold. So it can be concluded that for telegraph channels, just like other media, the number of members is very important and the first thing to do. Sometimes, for various reasons, members may drop or drop for channels, which for the experienced managers, however, can be completely prevented. Is. In addition to attracting members for channels, keeping members intact, and, in fact, creating loyalty to membranes, is an important challenge that needs to be addressed, and this cost, energy, a lot of time spent on the channel manager. In this article, we are trying to tell you the most important and general ways to increase members and members.


How can Tumbler and Telegraph channels be increased freely?
It should be noted that increasing the members of the telegram channel with unusual methods such as robots and software that is very abundant on the Internet today is not only not only effective, but it also spoil your energy, time and money. You know that the owner and creator of the channel as the principal can at the beginning of the channel make up to 200 of the mutual contacts or the Mutual Contacts (ie, the contacts you have their number and they also have your number) to the channel. This operation has been given to the channel builder to start the work and start channel activity as a proper stimulus from the telegram to make the channel growth work faster. But the big problem with this method is that the membership of the individuals is done without their knowledge and satisfaction, and may cause discomfort and abandon the channel.
This is important when it comes to knowing that a channel manager restricts the number of respondents to this way, and more than 200 members can not subscribe to their contact numbers unless their number is registered to their address. Otherwise, with a warning: Sorry. , you can only send messages to mutual contacts at the moment you encounter.
To do this, first enter the channel you are building. Then click on the top of the page on the title or the logo, image or channel name registered on the telegram. When the Settings window opens, click Members. On this page, clicking the Add Members link can bring up to 200 people directly to the channel. After 200 people should send the invitation link. As you can see, the target audience is added to the channel.

Real Members that You can test

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Create the right, useful and new content to increase the number of Telegram members
The first thing that you should turn on for yourself when you create a channel is: “What is my goal to create a telegram channel?” When you set up your channel’s purpose, the channel’s subject matter is automatically identified as either in the configuration or Set the channel in the information field in a straightforward and summary manner. But remember, you should never change the subject and the channel link. Need to remind you that the content you publish on your channel must match the name of the channel and the previously published content. For example, in a channel with a theme of entertainment and jokes, it does not seem appropriate to publish scientific discussions and content. Because it can cause confusion or discontent for many members, which ultimately causes them to leave your channel. Remember to be sure to link the channel link below the post or post when posting a photo or a post on the channel, so if the contents of the channel were forwarded by the members, the channel link would be associated with them. If you are member of groups and your channel content is valuable, then publish your channel content to the “join” link in groups, so that it can be forwarded by other group members in case of desirability. This action is one of the most effective and at the same time the easiest methods for attracting members.


Maintain and create charm on the channel to keep the members of the telegram channel
Obviously, in order for your members to have the incentive to visit the channel and to keep up to date with your channel, you should create attractive and useful content on the channel. It also takes a lot of time and energy for you as the channel manager, and when you leave the channel, adds a link to the channel when it’s added to the channel, and is eager to stay in your channel. Avoid posting duplicate content or content on the channel as it reduces the channel’s attractiveness and eventually drops your membership. Help create cool funny photo and animation videos and videos, and always reduce their size to the point where your channel members and members can view your content and use the Internet more quickly.
In addition to the above, try to avoid posting long posts. Because your audience often visits your channel through a mobile phone that has a small screen. Usually, mobile users are browsing channels in delays like metro and all sorts of queues. So if your text size is more than two or three paragraphs, your contacts can quickly skip read it. So, this should be strictly adhered to, and any text post should not be between 50 and 60 words.
As noted, use attractive and content-related images and photos as much as possible. Sometimes a concept can easily be expressed with a small picture. While the same thing can not be achieved with 100 words. In addition, the audience of social networks and telegrams have a special interest in the image and are generally more interested in posts that have photos.
If you are an educational channel that can not be easily represented by displaying the content of your channel by the photo, try to get the right educational film and make a subtitle for the film. Additionally, make sure that users do not have to deal with the problem of not displaying or loading your videos. This will disappoint the members and eventually leave your channel.

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Link exchange with showcase channels to enhance the Telegram Channel

Basically, there are two types of channels for channel advertising: cross-promotional or cross-promotional advertisements. Exchange advertisements means that you want to link the channel manager to your channel link on your channel and put the link on that channel in your channel. Do it


Usually channels that have the same number of members. But in paid advertising, other channel managers charge you money to channel your channel links. They usually do channels that have a few hundred members. It should be said that if the use of link exchange is out of place and to some extent, it will cause a drop in the quality of the channel, which eventually the members of the channel will drop and leave it. So do not link more than once a day, and be sure to choose channels that are relevant to your channel theme.